Flying a newly purchased M20F home with the new owner. Nice long X/C to learn about the aircraft.
Posted on Mar 19, 2018
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Mooney M20R Ovation checkout with a new client. Lots of good x-wind practice
Posted on Jan 29, 2018
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Screenshot from the bluetooth CHT system I designed and built.
Posted on Jan 2, 2018
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What I do:

I'm an advanced flying skills instructor, working with certified pilots to improve skills and confidence, to get the most utility out of your aircraft!  If you've ever felt hesitant flying in moderate winds, or worried when weather conditions got close to your personal minimums, I can help!  I teach real world flying skills, not the artificially choreographed PTS maneuvers.  I'll help you explore the limits of what your aircraft is capable of, and show you how to stay out of trouble.  I'm experienced and factory trained on the Embraer Phenom 100, Pilatus PC-12, Socata TBM-700, Mitsubishi MU-2B (Long Body), Beech Baron and Mooney M20 series.  

I don't just fly turboprops and jets;  I have recently worked with people in Cessna 150's, Cherokees and enjoy flying the smaller aircraft as much as the larger ones.  I even teach a VFR flying course to knock off the rough edges and build on the basic skills you have now.  No manner what type aircraft we fly, we start and end our flight with basic VFR skills.

Some of what I cover:
Ground effect takeoffs
Dutch rolls
No load turns
Rudder turns
Control exercises
How to get consistently good short field landings
Low Altitude X-countries

Questions?  Please call or email N1887T@gmail
Map showing business location.
235 State Street
East Greenville, PA 18041
United States
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